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Getting to Know Emily Rose

'Haven" star reflects on life, role on hit Syfy series

Syfy will premiere the season opener of “Haven” this Friday and there are a lot of fans who are having a hard time waiting to find out who Audrey really is. Emily Rose wants to know too.

Rose puts some of herself into her character on "Haven," but it would be unfair to claim she and Audrey are the same person.

As a girl growing up, Rose could often be found hanging out around horses and horse barns. She learned how to shoot and about gun safety from her father and that makes her comfortable in a role where her character carries a gun. She likes the action scenes and is looking forward to more of them in the new season.

Audrey’s quirkiness and humor are a couple of things that particularly appealed to Rose when she first read the role. The stubbornness of the character spoke to her as well. She confesses to being a bit on the stubborn side too.

The softer side of Audrey, the one that often helps others while neglecting herself, occasionally frustrates Rose, but she does like the nurturing nature that Audrey has despite a less than idyllic childhood.

Landing the role of Audrey fulfilled one of Rose’s main acting goals. Playing the lead part in a series is big, and it may be the stepping stone to acting in a feature film. That’s where Rose would like to go while on hiatus and after many seasons of "Haven." The idea of a project that is finite and has an end that she knows all along is appealing.

During college and postgraduate work, Rose acted in live stage productions and had the opportunity to mentor children. She’d love to get back to both of those in the future.

Those who play video games may know Rose from her role in "Uncharted." She not only gives a voice to Elena Fisher but provides the body movements as well. The characters are created using motion capture. The only thing that differs about acting in the game is that the actors wear motion caption suits instead of costumes.

There are rumors of a movie based on the game and Rose says she dreams of playing Elena Fisher on the big screen.

The location where "Haven" is filmed (and it is actually on film rather than digital video to give it that special look that only film gives) takes Rose far from her Los Angeles home, but she’s come to feel fond of it. The small town of Chester in Nova Scotia was chosen over Vancouver -- a common filming site for Syfy series -- because it gives the feel of a New England town that just can’t be duplicated. The town is a character and Chester provides the mysterious feel needed for "Haven."

The people of the town have taken the cast and crew to heart and even celebrate with a "Haven" night at the local pub when the show is airing.

When not working on a paying project, Rose continues to ply her craft. She gives the advice to actors that she was given in school: Keep working on your instrument. Even if you are only presenting plays in your living room for your friends, keep on working. Don’t wait for an audition to work on your skills.

Right now, Rose doesn’t need to present living room plays; she’s busy filming the episodes for this year’s "Haven."

Although Rose knows a little more than "Haven's" audience, she doesn’t have all the answers. Last year’s cliffhanger had her wondering who Audrey was right along with the rest of us. The mystery is intriguing, but also challenging for an actor. She has to hope that the way she plays the character fits what will be coming in the future. The words of a favorite acting coach help Rose when she questions herself. He told his students not to doubt their ability to portray a character -- they are good enough.

Fans love "Haven" and Audrey. I don’t think anyone doubts that Rose is good enough.

Haven airs Friday nights at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

View a clip of Rose discussing the new season here.

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Ann Morris imagined visiting other worlds and dimensions in her childhood play but didn't "officially" begin living a fannish life till the early 1970s when she was a founding member of the Stone Hill Science Fiction Association in 1979 and remains active to this day. She lives in Plant City, Fla., where she writes from her geekosphere.
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