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Sharks Terrorize Australian 3-D Film 'Bait'

A tsunami plunges a group of shoppers into a harrowing struggle to survive

Anchor Bay Films will unleash Australia's 3-D shark attack film "Bait" on North America, according to Deadline.

Directed by Kimble Rendall ("The Jesters"), "Bait" is the first 3-D action film from Down Under.

“'Bait' in 3-D is the ultimate shark thrill ride that will make you think twice about getting back in the water,” said Kevin Kasha, executive vice president, acquisitions and co-productions for Anchor Bay Films.

The film follows a hapless group of shoppers at an underground supermarket who are stalked by a bandit and who later struggle to survive as a tsunami hits, which traps them as a swarm of great white sharks takes advantage of the chaos.

"Bait" was written by Russell Mulcahy ("Resident Evil: Extinction") and John Kim, with additional writing by Duncan Kennedy, Shane Krause, Justin Monjo and Shayne Armstrong.

It stars Xavier Samuel ("The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"), Sharni Vinson ("Home and Away"), Phoebe Tonkin ("Tomorrow When the War Began"), Adrian Pang, Qi Yuwu, Dan Wyllie, Julian McMahon ("Fantastic Four").

Gary Hamilton, Todd Fellman and Peter Barber served as producers.

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