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Jared Harris Joins 'The Quiet Ones'

An experiment to create a poltergeist haunts Hammer Studios

"Mad Men" actor Jared Harris has signed aboard Hammer Studios' supernatural thriller "The Quiet Ones," according to The Wrap.

John Pogue ("Quarantine 2") will write and direct the film, which is set to lens in the United Kingdom in June.

Inspired by true events, the film centers on Joseph Coupland (Harris), an unorthodox professor, who leads his best students on a dangerous experiment to create a poltergeist. Based on the theory that paranormal activity is caused by human negative energy, the group performs a series of tests on a young patient. pushing her to the edge of sanity as a force more terrifying and evil than they ever could have imagined awakens.

James Gay-Rees ("Senna") will produce in association with TPSC Films.

Harris, who plays advertising executive Lane Pryce on "Mad Men," has appeared as in "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" and has been cast as Ulysses S. Grant in Steven Spielberg's upcoming film "Lincoln." He is the son of late actor Richard Harris ("Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone").

Originally founded in 1934, the British film studio Hammer has delivered a variety of popular horror films over the years; their recent productions include "Wake Wood," "The Woman in Black," "The Resident" and writer-director Matt Reeves' "Let Me In," a remake of the popular Swedish vampire film "Let the Right One In."

In addition to "The Quiet Ones," the studio is moving forward with "Gaslight," based on a script from Ian Fried that involves the infamous killer Jack the Ripper.

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