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'Blood Of Eden' Set For Film Adaption

Screen rights for Julie Kagawa's vampire books acquired

Palomar Pictures is adapting the book series "Blood of Eden" by Julie Kagawa, according to Deadline.

Published this month by Harlequin Teen, the series kicks off with the young-adult novel "The Immortal Rules."

The tale follows a young vampire girl who struggles between accepting her nature and taking down her vampire superiors in a world where humanity -- after a deadly virus strikes -- serves as slaves and food.

“It’s simply a great story with an electrifying heroine,” said Joni Sighvatsson, principal at Palomar Pictures. “It makes the series an ideal subject for a film adaptation.

"Julie’s ability to familiarize the reader with this complex world in a few pages demonstrates the cinematic qualities of her imagination and complements my own sensibilities as a film producer.”

Kagawa is a New York Times bestselling author, who also pens the "The Iron Fey" series, which is about a half-human teenage girl caught in a clash among the Faery realms.

Sighvatsson has produced such films as "Candyman," "Killer Elite," "Kalifornia" and "Arlington Road."

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