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If TV Was Social Media, Geeks Would Rule

Genre shows top most talked about programs online

If the fate of television shows were up to social media site GetGlue, series like "The Vampire Diaries" and "Fringe" would be on for a long, long time.

"Fringe" was television's No. 8 show in terms of social media check-ins from GetGlue, a site and smart phone app that allows viewers to "check in" to the shows they are watching. Similar in some ways to FourSquare, where people on the move can let their social media followers know where they are, GetGlue users check in for a chance to unlock "stickers."

These stickers are digital, but if you accumulate enough of them, GetGlue actually sends you physical versions of them, which you can collect and enjoy as mementos of your television viewing experience.

"Fringe" last week earned 32,800 check-ins on the social media site, according to Advertising Age. While that's no where near the millions of viewers who actually tune in each as tracked by The Nielsen Co., it does show that people who are watching aren't afraid to let others know.

And "Fringe" wasn't the only genre program on the list. "Game of Thrones" on HBO was No. 3 with nearly 50,700 check-ins, while "The Vampire Diaries" on The CW was close behind with just under 43,000 check-ins.

"Supernatural" on The CW and "Once Upon a Time" on ABC picked up the fifth and sixth slot with around 41,000 check-ins each.

Even though it's not technically a genre show Airlock Alpha covers, geeks rule even more on GetGlue since a show about geeks -- the CBS comedy "Big Bang Theory" -- came in at No. 2 with just over 69,000 check-ins.

No. 1 of all programs has been consistently "Nikita," according to AdAge, which actually set a record the week before for highest number of check-ins for a show. "Nikita" had just under 93,000 check-ins for this past week, making it by far the top-checked program on the social media site.

Obviously, social media attention doesn't translate directly into advertising dollars for the networks -- especially at numbers this low -- but it does show that there is a lot of excitement for these shows among those active in social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. And many shows can build a base following by having a community established, similar to what social media can create.

And good news for those who like all these shows -- all of them are expected to return next season.

Top GetGlue Show Check-Ins, April 23-29

1.    Nikita (The CW)    92,760
2.    Big Bang Theory (CBS)    69,290
3.    Game of Thrones (HBO)    50,663
4.    The Vampire Diaries (The CW)    42,999
5.    Supernatural (The CW)    41,044
6.    Once Upon a Time (ABC)    40,387
7.    Glee (Fox)    38,573
8.    Fringe (Fox)    32,860
9.    The Voice (NBC)    32,297
10.    American Idol (Fox)    39,263

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Michael Hinman is the founder and editor-in-chief for Airlock Alpha and the entire GenreNexus. He owns Nexus Media Group Inc., the parent corporation of the GenreNexus and is a veteran print journalist. He lives in Tampa, Fla.
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