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'Supernatural' - The Girl With The Dungeons And Dragons Tattoo

The adventures of Charlie Bradbury

This review may contain spoilers

This episode essentially stars guest actor and geek goddess Felicia Day (Charlene "Charlie" Bradbury), and it plays heavily to that audience with dialog and decor constantly referencing genre classics.

The boys and Bobby, while present, are just background and support personnel. Not that that is bad, because this was a fun, well-written episode. It was probably particularly fun for the Dick Roman actor, James Patrick Stuart, whose dialog was especially sharp and deliciously wicked. Dick is the head leviathan, briefly interrupted ruler of the world, even though we (the world at large) don't know it yet. While he does temper his ranting a little bit to keep the herd placid and functioning it's not a big secret when he refers to the world as his dinner plate and people as "humans."

Bobby (Jim Beaver) explains that construction has begun at the location he gave the boys in "Death's Door." They are building a slaughterhouse and meat processing plant for humans. The medical facilities mentioned in "Out with the Old" are exactly what George said they would be -- centres for curing various diseases like AIDS and cancer. The leviathan are not doing this altruistically, though. Healthy humans taste better and yield more meat. First though, the turducken technology introduced in "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters" will be used to pacify the population, distributed through Richard Roman Enterprises' many restaurant chains and food service suppliers. The world will be remade into a leviathan paradise.

Points Of Interest

1. The title is a riff on the title of the book, by Stieg Larsson, and movie, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," combined with the fantasy role playing game, Dungeons and Dragons. Based on commercials and trailers of the movie when it was released, "The Girl" was also a computer hacker type.

2. The name of Felicia Day's character, Charlie Bradbury, is an obvious tribute to legendary science fiction author, Ray Bradbury.

3. Bobby still doesn't have full control over his ghostly abilities. In particular, he cannot control how long he will be able to manifest himself visibly and if he overextends himself will have to wait an indeterminate amount of time before he can manifest again.

4. Certain humans have a spark that cannot be copied via leviathan physical and memory duplication. That essential genius that some people have must be untouched to function. This makes Dick very angry. At one point he tries to get Charlie to explain her gift, how she thinks and solves problems, but she can't. He understands and is resigned to it, but apparently asks all the spectacularly gifted people he meets how their gift works in hopes of finding the secret that would allow their duplication.

5. Dick's email password is "w1nn1ng."

6. When Bobby is attacking Dick, Dick immediately understands that he is being attacked by an invisible thing. It is unclear whether he knows about ghosts.

7. Bobby fails to stop the initial leviathan attack on Charlie and the boys take that to be proof that he is losing his grip on humanity.

8. Charlie requests that the boys thank her for going above and beyond by forgetting that she exists.

9. The prize that Dick has been excavating archeological sites for appears to be a featureless clay block.

What Worked

Charlie's little dance in the elevator was fun and announces to the audience that we're totally going to be spending more time with Charlie than the boys this episode because she's the star.

Charlie's coworker/lap dog, Harry (Jesse Wheeler), was also an elegant touch.

Charlie working out the implications of what Dick is, what she's been told and what she knows, and what that all means to her continued healthy existence was refreshing. She wanted it all to go away but knew that with the "Eye of Sauron" focused on her, her life was fundamentally changed. Even if she managed to escape, the rest of humanity would be doomed so she was obligated to help.

Charlie's hesitation at the door to RRE made total character sense.

The boys each had a moment of plumbing untouched depths while helping Charlie. Sam (Jared Padalecki) with his inner Harry Potter geek and Dean (Jensen Ackles) with his insight into what men want from women.

What Didn't Work

The boys are treating Ghost Bobby with open distrust, which is off-putting. They keep expecting him to lose control and turn evil. Think about how much Bobby has done and sacrificed for you! Have some gratitude and respect!!

Charlie's tattoo was of a Star Wars character (with a d20); would it have been so hard for the character to have an actual Dungeons and Dragons tattoo? 8-)

How did the boys know what kind of case Dick's package was coming in?

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

"Supernatural" stars Felicia Day, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver, James Patrick Stuart, Jesse Wheeler, David Stuart, Michael Adamthwaite, David Stuart, Darcy Laurie. "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo" was written by Robbie Thompson, and it was directed by John MacCarthy.

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