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'The Secret Circle' - Sacrifice

Demon dealing for power

This review may contain spoilers

A witch hunter comrade of Jake's (Chris Zylka), Samuel (Chad Rook), has escaped from Eben (Sammi Rotibi). Samuel thought he was about to be sacrificed so that Eben can summon demons as John (Joe Lando) tried to do 16 years ago.

John sends the kids to the wrong place and takes Samuel to his original ritual site. Samuel has already been infected by a demon. That was the sacrifice necessary to summon a bunch more.

Eben completes the ritual while John is distracted by the arrival of the kids, who inadvertently set free the possessed Samuel, and is forced to show his hand (which has a brand on the palm) and take down Samuel magically where both the circle together and Cassie (Britt Robertson) alone failed.

Eben now contains multiple demons and is more powerful than the circle and John combined. Well, Samuel's demon alone was more powerful than the circle, wasn't he? Somewhere, Eben has a secret witch helping him, which is foolish on the part of that witch because with his new demonic powers he intends to kill all witches everywhere. Wonder what John wanted to do with his demon powers?

Regrouping, John gives the kids a pep talk about standing up for witches throughout history who hid themselves in fear of witch hunters. They will stand up and strike a blow for all witch-kind by taking down Eben. They can get the upper hand by bringing together their family crystals, once part of a single crystal brought to Chance Harbor from Salem by their ancestors. Cassie immediately volunteers that she has the Blake family crystal. The rest of the kids need to go hunting for theirs.

Points Of Interest

1. Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) both fixate on Kyle (Brett Dier), hockey team leader, theorizing that, as a muggle, a relationship with him should be all fun with no magical complications. Kyle has a steady girlfriend, though, so hopefully the squabbling over him should just go away now.

2. Grant (Tim Phillipps) lies to Diana (Shelley Hennig) that his father gave him a yacht with which to sail the world; however, he is actually crew on a ship. Presumably the ship is a yacht.

3. Diana has basic ice skating skills -- Grant does not.

4. When John is not at the rendezvous he arranged with the kids, Cassie assumes that he has done this in order to protect them and that powerless John is going to sacrifice himself for them/her. Of course, he is just unsuccessfully trying to prevent their incompetent interference in his business.

5. Eben returns to the place where John originally performed his own demon summoning ritual. There, the earth is dead; presumably, it's still dead after 16 years.

6. Cassie uses her dark powers twice this episode. Once to "save" Jake from Samuel and once in an attempt to take down demon-possessed Samuel.

7. John claims that his lie about being powerless was in service of the idea that Cassie should not use her magic at all in order to avoid being pulled to the dark side. If she had known that he was still an active magic user, his advice would have had less weight.

8. The demon summoning ritual involves a human sacrifice. John tells Cassie that his Balcoin heritage allows him to complete the ritual without killing anyone. This is proven a lie as, at the end of the episode, John is shown digging up a coffin containing a human skeleton at the location of the ritual.

What Worked

The fact that everything John says is a self serving lie when he is so clearly evil is starting to work for me. Can someone tell me if Joe Lando ever had facial expressions back when he was on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," or anything else?

What Didn't Work

Cassie is passive-aggressively trying to remind Adam (Thomas Dekker) of their love by silent force of will and vague inference. She doesn't want to tell him the truth because he might feel guilty or something.

Adam remembers, sort of, that he once thought that when they were in love his world was perfect. He reacts to this shadow of a memory by being grouchy and short tempered.

Morons, the both of them. Even if there is some sort of side effect of the spell that makes Adam too stupid to just set about courting Cassie again (and the only effect the spell had on Cassie) then Melissa should speak up instead of just feeling wistful for what was lost.

Grant is acting like he's in the throes of some epic love story with Diana, who he has now met twice in passing and then had one date with. Diana's level of attachment after the date and feelings of betrayal over a white lie (the kind you totally expect a young person like that to make) are also magnified and disproportionate, if not to the same degree. Do all soap operas make as much sense as this?

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

"The Secret Circle" stars Britt Robertson, Thomas Dekker, Joe Lando, Chris Zylka, Chad Rook, Shelley Hennig, Tim Phillipps, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Phoebe Tonkin, Brett Dier, Sammi Rotibi. "Sacrifice" was written by David Ehrman, and it was directed by Nick Copus.

"The Secret Circle" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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