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Ti West Stirs Up 'Bedbugs'

'House of the Devil' director adapts Ben H. Winters' bestselling horror novel

Ben H. Winters’ bestselling horror novel "Bedbugs" is set for a feature film adaption from "House of the Devil" director Ti West, according to Deadline.

Tango Pictures is spearheading the project and has tasked West to pen the script.

“Reading 'Bedbugs' as a manuscript felt like the literary equivalent of a Ti West horror movie—a slow-burning supernatural story with fully realized characters, light on gore but heavy on menace and dread,” said Jason Rekulak, associate publisher and creative director at Quirk Books, which published "Bedbugs" and will executive produce the film.

"Bedbugs" centers on the Wendt family as they move into a new home in Brooklyn and suffer what they believe is a bedbug infestation. However, they soon realize that there is a more horrifying explanation.

Christina Lurie, Steven Shainberg and Andrew Lazar of Tango Pictures will produce.

West's other upcoming projects include "V/H/S," "The ABCs of Death" and "The Side Effect." His film "The Innkeepers" hits stores April 24.

Quirk Books is set to release Winters’ next novel, "The Last Policeman," in July.

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